Saturday, February 15, 2014

Building Design and Construction handbook free download

This book is Very useful to civil engineers. This book includes all basic fundamental information in a package:
Section 1: System Fundamentals
Section 2:The Building Team Managing
Section 3:Protection Against Hazards
Section 4:Building materials
Section 5: Structural Theory
Section 6:Soil Mechanics and Foundation
Section 7:Structural Steel Construction
Section 8:Cold-Formed Steel Construction
Section 9: Concrete Construction
Section 10: Wood Construction
Section 11: Wall floor and ceiling system
Section 12: Roof System
Section 13: Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning
Section 14: Plumbing Water supply, sprinkler and waste water systems
Section 15: Electrical System
Section 16: Vertical Circulation
Section 17: Construction Management
Section 18: Communication Systems
Section 19: Construction cost estimate

Now you can
download this book freely just click on link.

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Building Design and Construction handbook free download
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