Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Material testing Manual free downlaod

Field Manual (FM) 5-472 provides the technical information necessary to obtain samples and perform engineering tests and calculations on soils, bituminous paving mixtures, and concrete. These tests and calculations are required to achieve proper design with these materials and adequate control over their use in construction.
This manual covers soils, aggregates, bituminous cements, bituminous paving mixtures, portland-cement concrete, and stabilized soil including stabilizing agents such as bitumens, cements, lime, fly ash, and chemical modifiers. The manual gives detailed instructions for taking adequate representative test samples and step-by-step procedures for making physical-properties tests and for recording, calculating, and evaluating test results. The manual explains methods for designing bituminous paving mixtures and for stabilizing soil. It also gives the procedures and tests required to control the manufacture of these mixtures. The manual describes the tools and equipment for performing these tests and contains general instructions for the care, calibration, and use of test equipment.  Certain tests and procedures prescribed differ in principle or method and are more detailed than counterpart tests currently required for new construction at Navy installations, including those in forward areas.

The test procedures and terminology used in this manual conform to the latest methods and specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), and the Portland Cement Association (PCA). The tests listed in this manual also apply to arctic construction. However, cold-weather effects present different problems and additional tests will be required for correct evaluation of the materials. 
Appendix A contains an English-to-metric measurement conversion chart. 
This manual
prepared by US Army for construction is now available to download. You can click in link provided.

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Material testing Manual free downlaod
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