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SAP 2000 V16.1 Free download with installation instructions

SAP 2000 is the product from CSI America, this is a popular design software with finite element analysis.  Engineers and designers choice for analysis and design of bridges, walls, high rise buildings, factories, hotels and restaurants buildings to small example of beam is SAP. On May 2014, they had upgraded in their product. You can see the feature news on this by clicking here.
Main features of SAP 2000 V16.6 are:
  • Steel frame design has been added according to the Norsok N-004 2013 code.
  • Steel frame design according to the API RP 2A-WSD 21st edition code has been updated for supplements 1, 2 and 3.
  • Auto lateral wind load has been added according to the API 4F 2013 code.
  • The Chinese section-property database files have been enhanced by adding new sections.
  • A bilinear Maxwell damper has been implemented as a new link property. This device is a linear spring in series with a dashpot whose force-velocity relationship exhibits bilinear viscous behavior, typical of certain oil dampers having a relief valve.
  • A friction-spring hysteretic damper has been implemented as a new link property. The force-displacement relationship exhibits linear slipping stiffness when loading, but unloads with a smaller slipping stiffness. A pre-compression displacement and a displacement stop-limit may be specified.
  • The specification of the notional size used for time-dependent creep and shrinkage analysis has been enhanced to now be specified with the frame and shell section properties instead of with the material property.
  • A new staged-construction operation “Change Section & Age” is now available allowing specification of the “Age at Add” when changing frame sections or shell sections.
  • Table output can now request the correspondence between the response components at a single location for additive-, range-, and enveloping-type load combinations. Results that admit correspondence includes most displacement, force, and stress response quantities.
  • The import of primary data from SACS data files is now available.
Now You can download and install this... Click in the link provided to download
and get installation steps.

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SAP 2000 V16.1 Free download with installation instructions
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